Herd Shares for weekly on farm pick up are currently available

Our Raw Cow Milk Herd Share is a weekly pick-up of fresh raw cow milk. After signing our Herd Share Agreement Form, we will designate a weekly day and time for pick-up.


On farm pick up is scheduled on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Pick up window is between 8:30-noon.

$6/Half Gallon


$12/8oz Butter

More Information Based on FAQ:

Our milk cows are primarily grass fed. During milking, we feed them alfalfa and local, non-GMO feed. The feed does include soybeans; we would consider soybeans to be a very small part of their diet. Our milk is fresh, never frozen. It will come to you in half gallon plastic jugs. This is the easiest and most sanitary way that works for us. We do not do glass jar exchange. Milk is best if consumed within 7 days of receiving. We do not sell cream. The milk is brought to you 100% whole, cream could be skimmed if desired. 

It is your responsibility to reach out to us if you are unable to pick up.

Venmo or Cash is the preferred method of payment.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you!

Raw Cow Milk Herd Share Application

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