The Ultimate Benderman Farm Pork Bundle (1/2 hog)

The Ultimate Benderman Farm Pork Bundle!

Approximately 1/2 hog!


Head to Hock, and everything in between. Get a generous sample of all our pork products!


This bundle includes:


2 lbs naturally cured and sliced jowl

8 shoulder roasts (boston butt) appx 2 lbs each

10 lbs of bacon

5 lbs of bacon end pieces

20 lbs of mild breakfast sausage or unseasoned ground pork (Please Specify)

10 lbs of specialty sausage links (Please Specify. Cajun, chorizo, andoullie, smoked sausage, sweet italian, bratwurst.)

10 packs of pork chops

1 tenderloin

1 rack of st. louis style ribs

4 packs naturally cured ham steaks and a ham hock


$680 worth of pork, for $610! That's over 10% off!


We'll have your order together and ready for pick up or delivery!

Message us for details on delivery (include address) and paying in cash (more savings)!

The Ultimate Benderman Farm Pork Bundle (1/2 hog)

$680.00 Regular Price
$610.00Sale Price