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One Whole Chicken, Multiple Meals

It only takes one time trying our pasture raised chicken, and I promise you'll be hooked.

When cooking our chicken, there are several things you will notice compared to store bought chicken. The biggest difference is the substance of meat. Store bought chicken is made up of approximately 30% fecal water from where less ethical producers soak the chickens to increase scale weights to charge more. This is why chicken and other meat products have shrinkage during cooking. Benderman Farm chicken has NOT been soaked to increase weights. You'll find that our product does not shrink during cooking and has a more tender and substantive meat. That means it will take less meat to fill you up!

If you want to learn more about the differences in store bought and Benderman Farm chicken, you can find it here.

If it takes less meat to fill you up, our whole chicken will actually go further than you might think!


Take it from one of our customers:

"One of the biggest reasons I hear people give as to why they don't eat locally produced foods: "We can't afford it."

Remember that Benderman Farm whole chicken from last week? I spent $22.50 ($4.50/lb) on the bird, but made two family meals. A family of 5, folks. Ultimately, it was more than 10 individual meals, as we had a guest the first dinner and leftovers for lunch from both. Add in another $5 for additional ingredients for a total of $27.50.

Chicken & Dumplins' for Dinner #1 and Chicken Noodle Soup tonight for Dinner #2. $13.75 spent each night. $2.75 per plate. (Most likely around $1.96/plate when you factor our guest and leftover lunches).

Pretty dang affordable."

-Katrina Cox, Culleoka, TN


It's all about your perspective 🙂 with a little planning, our chicken will keep giving!

Remember, when you purchase from Benderman Farm, you know where your food came from, how it was treated, what it ate and that it was processed humanely in impeccably sanitary conditions. Not only that, but you’re supporting our dream of successfully running our own small business! Kevin and I work hard every day on our Farm because it’s something we believe in and care about. I hope you’re able to see that through our products and our posts.

Don't forget to like and follow us on FB and IG for daily updates about the farm! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to chat.

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